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Enterprise mobility isn’t a new concept. It’s how work gets done today. Traditional notions of “the office” are changing as innovative devices, applications, services and technologies drive a shift toward mobile-first business. Mobility can improve collaboration and problem solving to boost productivity—and that helps you get a jump on the competition. It also helps attract and retain bright professionals, since top talent expects access to consumer-like apps to communicate on the go.


Business moves fast. Opportunities come and go in a flash. And digital advances disrupt the status quo. Innovative technologies can help you completely reinvent business processes so you can seize opportunities and perform at your peak. But if your network isn’t up to the task, that’s a problem.

In the digital world, the network drives business performance, and nobody does the network better than some of our partners. Some span six continents and have more than 800,000 route miles and offering speeds up to 100G, their networks provide the essential platform you need to build and grow your business—simply, securely, and reliably.


Connect offices in the next city or around the globe. Collaborate with ease. Count on a reliable network, managed by experts, with built-in redundancies. We offer the networking solutions that let you nimbly respond to opportunities, adapt to change, and drive business results.

Let us manage your networking needs, so you can focus on improving your company’s performance and staying ahead of the competition.

02 / INTERNET of

Organizations can improve business results as their smart devices communicate. With a billion-plus smart devices connected worldwide , the Internet of Things (IoT) is disrupting the way businesses operate—in a good way. Machines like vehicles, appliances, cameras, alarms and more are aware of what’s happening in and around them. These machines are sharing information autonomously—actionable data that helps you respond quickly, become more productive or improve safety. Our IoT solutions help you build connections so you can act on this data.


We can manage your machine-to-machine (M2M) devices around the globe and provide IoT wireless connections to our secure global IP network. Now you can act on data collected around the world to transform your organization, helping create faster, more reliable operations and better business results.


Your organization’s success depends on how well you communicate. With people scattered across the globe, using different devices to communicate, it’s a challenge to get everyone on the same page. Our products and services provide powerful Business Communications solutions help you reach employees, suppliers, vendors and customers around the world—and put ideas into motion.


We have the network partnerships and experience to help you build secure, reliable connections using a variety of digital-rich media that help you improve interactions and increase your ability to help you be more agile and grow your business.

03 / CLOUD

The cloud can help you get your products and services to market faster and connect employees to customers virtually anywhere around the world. But many organizations still have disparate and divided IT systems and legacy investments to manage. How can you break down these walls so the data you need to make critical business decisions moves freely across your enterprise? An agile hybrid IT approach can help you get more value out of not only the cloud, but also every part of your infrastructure.

We can help you bridge together multiple clouds, colocation, hosting and your on-premises and legacy systems, with leading networking, storage and security solutions and our managed services. You’ll get compute and storage resources to meet your specific business requirements so you can improve on-the-job processes, respond faster to customers and drive business expansion. Our cloud computing services put you in control of your cloud and hybrid infrastructure with our team there to help you every step of the way.


Stay on top of ever-evolving cyber attacks to protect your enterprise’s network and important information. Would-be attackers are constantly changing the tactics they use to target and break into your networks, computing devices, and vital systems.

Overcome the latest methods used by cyber adversaries with security products and services from Verizon. We continually monitor, analyze, and learn from actual breaches to identify new attack patterns and combat them. And the visibility across our global IP networks provides insights into the nature of attacks, helping us create appropriate countermeasures.


This intelligence-driven strategy allows you to take a proactive approach to protecting your organization. Your security strategy can now address the constantly changing nature of threats, helping you prevent future attacks and mitigate their damage to your business and reputation.



We bring the complete solution of software, hardware and technology together. We deliver the customized converged solution that you can use to run your business. As your strategic telecommunication solutions partner, we represent the best of the best in our industry. We identify the best carriers and components solutions to meet your short and long term goals and seamlessly implement them.


We help integrate your long term and short term goals leveraging Select Carrier networks (Wired and Wireless) to deliver a complete solution. By enhancing the value proposition of this Carrier Services Portfolio, via their Partner Programs, Meshed Technology strengthens the customer relationship with products and services that are complimentary to the traditional carrier.


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